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The first step in Ireland was just breath-taking. You know how it feels when you’re watching the finals and your favorite team just scored in the last minute. Exactly that feeling you always feel in Dublin. The city is magnificent, and the people are so friendly and lovely. It is really crazy that the people drive on the wrong side of the road but still don’t get into accidents. The most mind-blowing thing about Dublin is their incredible history and culture.

First, we were brought to a bus station near a church, where our host-families were waiting to greet us with open arms. When we got to the host families´ house, it just felt like home. After meeting with the host families, we went to explore the city and set a meeting point for the next day. The second day was extraordinary, and we visited Howth and wandered around the cliffs. On Sunday we travelled by bus to Galway and afterwards we hiked up the Cliffs of Moher. It was just gorgeous and indescribable. You have to be there to know the feeling. Our first English-lesson started at 9.pm with the best teacher and we learned stuff about Ireland and the capital city Dublin. Then we checked out the city and went to Trinity College. St. Stephen’s Green was fabulous. On Tuesday we had normal school and we went on an adventure to Kilmainham Jail. It was colder inside than outside but it was very nice to listen to what actually happened there. At night, we went bowling and it was really fun and awesome. All in all, we can say that out trip to Ireland was unique and we would recommend it to every class to explore and travel on a language week in Dublin. It was the best time we had this year together and we would definitely do it again, if we were allowed to.

Slán leat agus go raidh maith agat.
(Good bye and thank you)

Mohammad Mosawer Sadiq

pub tn


(Alex V.) 

There are many sights
That are really beautiful
Just like the people

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(Sahil Kohli) 

The Spire is high
Cliffs of Moher are awesome
Galway is so far

knowledge tn


(Keare Tolentino) 

The beautiful city
Will not reach infinity
Without Trinity

Jail tn



Let´s visit the jail.
Where the revolution died.
It ignited change.

cliffs tn


(Adam Schinogl) 

Standing at the edge
Looking into the distance
I love that feeling.

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(Dejan Lungulovic) 

Three holes are the best.
Even the weak can win.
So try and bend.

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(Leander S.) 

Oh my Irish love
Close but still so far away
So sweet but so short