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We are the lucky 12 students of the 2 AKMIA who went to Scotland for one week in June 2018, and we enjoyed every single day there. As a class, we learned a lot about the history of Edinburgh and it was amazing! The Dungeon tour with lots of spooky and funny stories was an adventure, especially the walk through the mirror labyrinth at the end of the tour.

If you are going to travel to Edinburgh you have to visit Arthur´s Seat. The view of the city and the beach is incredible. Although the weather was not perfect we still enjoyed the sea at Portobello beach. When we walked on the sand it felt like walking on clouds. Watching the sunset at 11 P.M. was a highlight of the trip, and if the sky is clear it never gets completely dark over the water.

The Scottish food is a little bit unusual but don´t be shy to try Haggis. It consists of the innards of a sheep, called pluck, which is made with the heart, liver, lung, kidney and fat from the sheep, as well as onions and oatmeal. We thought it would be the worst meal ever, but it was surprisingly good

There would be much more to tell, but we recommend visiting this wonderful city yourself in order to have the full experience. The Dungeon, Arthur´s Seat, Portobello beach, the castle and the language school are the reasons all of us loved Edinburgh. One day we hope to return to the Highlands and finally taste that famous Highlander scotch, while the sun sets at dusk.