Our school, the HTL Wien 10, organized a language study travel to Malta in June 2017 were we - the 2AKETN and the 2 AKELI - had the opportunity to join.

Malta is a beautiful southern European island country in the Mediterranean Sea, eighty kilometers south of Italy. The official languages are Maltese and English, but Italian is also spoken by most of the locals. It is well known for its medieval culture, architecture and strong catholic religion. They say that there are 365 churches on Malta, and the historical monuments are some of the oldest in the world. Since it is a member of the European Union the Euro is the currency. Malta is one of the most densely populated countries with over 470,000 people living in an area of 320 km². The capital Valetta is the smallest national capital in the European Union.



Our journey started early in the morning on Sunday 17th June at the airport in Schwechat, where we met our teachers Mrs.Grabmaier and Mrs.Walter. It was a short and nice flight without any troubles. We arrived in Malta around midday. It was hot, and there was not a single cloud in the sky, so the weather was perfect. At the airport there was a bus waiting to take us to Sliema, which is the chief economic center of Malta and the location of our language school. In Sliema we met our host families who drove us to their apartments, which were nice and clean. That afternoon we did not meet up with the rest of the class, so we decided to walk along the seafront of Sliema and to get used to the climate.

201806malta wappen

From Monday to Friday we had English lessons. School started at 9 o´clock and finished at 12 o´clock every day. Our teacher’s name was Holly, a nice British Lady in her mid-thirties. She taught us a lot about Malta’s history, traditions, cities, food and of course English. The atmosphere in the classroom was really nice because everybody was forced to speak English. In the afternoon our teachers and the language school organized a trip to the medieval town of Mdina, also called “Silent City” by the locals. This town remained to be the center of the Maltese nobility and religious authorities and is one of the main tourist attractions. Mdina is built on a hill and surrounded by huge stonewalls. From up there you have an amazing view over the whole island.


We spent the other afternoons at the beach, in Valetta where we´ve been to a 5D cinema, and once we went bowling in the evening. There were many fun activities every day. My favorite spot was the “Blue Lagoon”. We got there by speed boat. The “Blue Lagoon” is famous for its intense turquoise water and its high cliffs. The bay is so charming with its stony scenery. We had a great time there. Sunday was the worst day because we had to fly home.

Looking back, I have to say, it was a great experience and I’m glad that I went there. We had so much fun learning English and History in a place like Malta. If you have the chance to go there, do it, you will love it! GRA