201810 excursion un

This year we had an excursion to the Vienna International Centre (UN) in Vienna. Our English teacher Mrs. Grabmeier planned this trip. The UN in Vienna is responsible for using atomic power for good causes, preventing global warming and much more. We learned many new things there. At the beginning we had to be checked and patted down for weapons etc. since there are very high safety measures because it often happens that important people like politicians and presidents come to the UN headquarters.

After the security control we went to the middle of the UN where you can see a garden with a fountain. Around the fountain are flags of all UN members and two flags that belong to a country like the Vatican that mainly focuses on religious purposes and does not want to get involved in politics. In the garden you could also see items that were gifted to the UN to show gratitude. Then we went to the main building, which is divided into several sections and each section has a letter for example section A and B are used for IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). In the first section you can find a round room with several pictures of famous artists and in between there are paths to the other sections. Towards the end, we discussed all the points on the work the UN does around the world.

At the end we watched another film about the UN, after the film we were already at the end of the tour through the UN. We also took some nice class pictures around the UNO city as you can see below and that was our Excursion at the UN. I’d like to thank Mrs. Grabmeier for making this trip possible it was very interesting and fun.

Nemanja Vladejic