Flughafen Edinburgh

On the 4th of May 2019 we traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland and we liked the whole seven days there. In the following poems and raps you will experience what we have seen, heard and enjoyed.

Arthurs Seat 1
Calton Hill 1
Botanical Garden
Edinburgh Castle

Oor trip tae Scootlund

The language week was really fun
but weather very bold
we only had a bit of sun
and rest of it was cold

We visited every nook and cranny
from castles, to Arthur’s seat
bought many souvenirs and brandy
and had much haggis to eat

The host families were really kind
and the city truly ‘braw’
everything was easy to find
which none of us foresaw

To say the least and all in all
thank god we weren’t there in fall

Written by Simon Liewald, Lukas Schelepet


Edin-BRATAN not Edin-BRA
We’re comin’ in the city an’ mess them up
I’m 21 and can’t get into the club
That’s so stupid – let’s get to the pub.

We went to “Arthur’s Seat”
climbed more than 800 feet
saw the whole city
Damn, it looked so pretty.

Went to “Five Guys”,
they’ve got some nice fries
with the burgers
it completed a nice price.

Written by Anes Mustafica, Milan Nikolic, Martin Zoric

Scotland in my Hand

Just woke up, need to catch a plane
North Bridge to Moredun stay out of my lane
speaking German, all eyes on me, it’s like I’m fame
here it’s always raining, but I still spit flames,

guest family asked if I wanted some toast
I said I want 3
who bought all the souvenirs?
you know it’s me
droppin’ bars like Biggie, you’re more
like Dagi Bee
drinks are like William Wallace’s people,
always free

I know every bar on Princes Street
getting higher than the top of Arthur´s Seat
you know I’m droppin’ bars on this sick ass beat
only thing that would make this better is Warren on the feat

riding waves like I’m on Portobello Beach
singing in the karaoke bar, outside the teacher´s reach
enjoying my time, got from Linda unleashed
then I eat at 5 Guys, epic Ice Tea Peach

in Rosslyn Chapel on me I got the holy light
drinkin’ beer, while ur drinkin’ Cola lite
you can’t win this fight, you ain’t got no might
you know I’m right, ain’t scared of heights
right now I might just bite the mic
today I will be clubbin’, but I’ll still catch tomorrow´s flight

Written by Patrik Seliga

Edinburgh Moment

Started from the airport,
Went to host-families, by taxis
that rode on the wrong side of the street

After a little snack the journey began,
but we needed a really good travel plan!
So, we went to the sea and got some vitamin D!

Hiking, hiking we wanted to sit,
but that ain‘t gonna happen on Arthur’s seat.
Got to the top and looked at the bottom,
oh, heck look at how far we have gotten.

Written by Alexander Vicentijevic

Mindblowing Edinbruh

Hey’ho, here is the 4AHEL `Edinbruh´ is the city we are in.
Maybe the city is not `in´
but we had a great time here.

First day we had a split
Some went to the church, some to the Loch.
School was nice but we hadn’t ice
‘cause the sights weren’t dry.

On “Arthurs Seat” we had no seats
but a great beat
just like haggis & tatties
which were no “baddies”.

The Dungeons were cold,
just like the weather and sea.
All in all we had fun
Thanks for “Edinbruh”.

Written by Tamas Komoroczy, Jan-Gottfried Schmölzer