What is there to do when there’s actually nothing to do? Sitting and waiting for countless Moodle exercises and heading from one online class to another. This has been going on for more than a year now…and then we started talking about a dream…the American Dream. Don’t worry we won’t start talking about the last US elections. Our task was to read a book…imagine…reading a book! At first we thought it’s annoying as hell and were definitely not interested in doing so, but over time the task evolved from a simple book project to creating our first podcasts.
When we started the podcast workshop most of us students did not have much experience with the subject. We began by getting familiar with the book ‘The Great Gatsby’. Midway through reading the book we also got into podcasting which was exciting at first. It seemed cool to be able to speak your mind or talk to or with someone in a familiar setting, at your own pace, with no pressure or demands from anyone. You had the possibility to be in your zone, in your setting. After downloading and trying ‘Audacity’, an app used for audio recordings, the class got the hang of it and we really got into the workshop. We got into groups and started by checking out different features of the app and thinking about what kind of podcast we would like ours to be.
At one point in one of our Teams sessions we even had the chance to speak to Tatjana Lukas, who is a real expert and a proper professional podcaster. She joined us to explain a lot of different things about podcasting in general and what it takes to start your own podcast.
Turns out, to start a podcast you mainly need a good idea, commitment and time. That is because podcasting can really be whatever you want it to be. It is simple to set up and so customisable and individualisable. After having finished reading the book, the class had the task of coming up with a creative idea for a podcast. The only restriction was that the podcast had to somehow involve “The Great Gatsby”. Again, freely customisable and fully up to the people creating their own podcast the way they want it to be. It was a lot of hard work and sometimes nerve-wrecking to get the technical devices going. Nevertheless, we are very proud of our first podcasts. If you’re interested and excited to find out more about the podcasts and the American Dream check out our podcasts!
Have fun and stay safe!
by Dori Sharon