Dates, criteria

Deadline for application

Begins from the start of the semester break and ends on the Friday a fortnight after the semester break. During the break, the registration office is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 pm. On school days it is open from 8 am to 3 pm.

You can contact our registration office by phone: (01) 60111-33

General admission criteria

Temporary admission

Due to a ranking of applicants (temporary) places are assigned, which can be checked by entering the applicant’s health insurance number.

Admission query

The ranking and assigning of a temporary place is based on suitability (performance reviews in the subjects German, English, maths in the school certificate), place of residence and siblings at the same school. It will be decided by mid-March (7th Monday after the semester break. If the date happens to be in the Easter holidays, it will be decided on the Wednesday after the holidays). The status of the temporary admission can be viewed individually (health insurance number) on our homepage (admission query). Only applicants, who have Vienna HTBL 10 as their first choice, are earmarked.

Admission applicants who have not been assigned a temporary place can be put on a waiting list or may audition in the headteacher’s office for student affairs to receive information. Unsuccessful students can sign up at a different school (if there are free places) until the end of April and put themselves on the local waiting list or contact the hotline of the Vienna School Board.

The temporary assignment of free places will be carried out by the Friday of the last school week.

Free places

The application of the admission for the 1st form of a higher technical school or the 1st form of a technical school has been revised. The associated leaflet is available here [48kB]:


are possible from the beginning of November (1st open day) until the beginning of the official registration period. If you want to reserve a place, hand in a registration form with your data and requests in the registry office.

Deadline for applications

Begins from the start of the semester break and ends on the Friday a fortnight after the semester break. During the break, the registration office is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 pm. On open days it is accessible from 8 am to 3 pm.

The registration form is available in the registration office or can be printed from the school’s Homepage (Education->admission). Later applications will be considered according to the availability of places.

Verifying school success, admission exams

Applicants of secondary schools (KMS) have to submit a school attendance certificate as well as the result of the Vienna reading tests (for pupils of a Viennese school) by Monday of the last week of school.

If admission exams (taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday of the last week of school) are necessary, they can be appointed afterwards. Applicants from grammar school and vocational schools (technical secondary schools) have to submit their school certificate (original and copy) by Monday of the first week of the summer break. If the pupils attend a Viennese school, the result of the Vienna reading tests is also necessary.

Permanent admission

The result of admission is accessible on Monday evening of the first week of the summer break by entering the health insurance number on the Homepage of the Vienna HTL 10. By the end of June the final certificates are checked (there will be no admission for applicants who do not meet the admission requirements).

In any case all legal admission requirements (e.g. the completion of any possible admission exam) must be complied.


Required for registration are:

  • a filled in REGISTRATION SHEET FOR PARENTS (available on our Homepage or in the registration office)



  • PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP or PASSPORT (residence permission or visa)

  • E-card

  • Proof of legal guardianship if applicable (e.g. guardianship or custody decree)

  • Latest Semester certificate and all other certificates since the 8th grade. These prerequisites shall be submitted by the end of the admission time.

All documents have to be presented in their original form.


Registrations for the college / advanced courses Electronics and Mechanical Engineering as well as the preparatory course are welcome at any time.

Prerequisites for admission into the 9th grade

The requirement for admission is a positively completed eighth Grade (negative marks in Latin, geometric drawing, or an additional school-autonomous object are irrelevant!).

  • Grammar school students meet all requirements

  • HS or KMS Graduates in the 1st performance group (German, English, maths) meet all requirements

  • Graduates from HS or KMS in the 2nd performance group (German, English, maths) need a "1" or "2" to attend the higher technical school. For the four-year-courses any positive grade fulfills the conditions.

  • If these requirements are not satisfied in terms of performance groups, an admission exam is held in the given subject.

  • On successful completion of a vocational school or a vocational high school (grade 9 positive) there is no admission exam.

  • For graduates of other types of schools there are special regulations.

  • A summary of the admission criteria is available for download as a PDF-file (Aufnahmsprüfungskriterien-Übersicht.pdf - further informations here)

Admission exam

The table in this pdf-file (Information für AufnahmsbewerberInnen.pdf, further informations here) indicates if an admission test is necessary, the scores are for the compulsory subjects German, English and mathematics. In any case the 8th grade must be completed successfully.