Electrical engineering with sustainable energy management

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Head of Department AV OStR. Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Dorfner

The central issue of this department is providing education in a modern and sustainable electrical energy supply, which is a core topic in the 21st century.

In order to prepare our students for such a high goal, a new subject was added to the timetable. Only the HTL Wien 10 offers this special focus of training. Emphases are also set on training and on projects which are planned and realized in cooperation between the students and the teachers.

This competence-oriented education comprises of basically five components:

  • Energy systems (house and industrial installation, networks, power generation)

  • Sustainable energy management (renewable energies, energy savings, new energy concepts, ways for a turnaround in energy policy)

  • Electrical drive engineering (electrical machines, e-mobility, power electronics)

  • Automation engineering (controlling engineering, PLC control)

  • Industrial electronics (signal transmission, data acquisition (DAQ), microprocessors)

These key issues are taught in theoretical lessons and trained in practical lessons in workshops, laboratories and CAD/CAE rooms through interdisciplinary projects in single person work or team work.

Education goal

Our graduates are highly skilled in their promising technical education and have acquired a sound humanistic and economic education as well. These are the best requirements for a successful career entry.

Courses of education

  • higher technical school (5-years) with graduation

  • technical school (3.5-years)

  • advanced course for technical students (2.5-years) with graduation