Mechanical engineering

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Head of Department prov. AV Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Walter PETRIN

The department offers the two key course elements system engineering and environment and process engineering. Both courses offer a full and highly diversified education for the modern society. Our graduates get an optimal education for their further way in the economics and for a pursuing education at a university.

The increased use of electronical programs for 3D construction, calculation and simulation and also the right use of Office programs is part of the education.

In the first 3 years both types of courses are taught together. The specialization for one course starts in the fourth year.

Key course element system engineering

This key course element includes the design of machines and installations, but also their construction and calculation in detail. In fact, this course teaches you the whole planning and the realization of mechanical engineering projects.

Key course element environment and processing engineering

This course teaches you interdisciplinary thinking between chemical industry, ecology and process engineering. Primary topics are various sections of power engineering, plant construction and also technical house systems. Contemporary topics like alternative power sources are very important to us.

Courses of education

  • higher technical school (5-years) with graduation

  • technical school (3.5-years)

  • advanced course for technical students (2.5-years) with graduation