Project lessons

  • project week for arbitrary topics for grades 1 to 4

  • diploma thesis for students of the senior year at the higher technical school and the advanced courses

  • complementary work for students of the senior year at the technical school

  • project week 2020

Why project lessons?

Here theory…there praxis

Here school…there life

Here “general education”…there “training on the job”

Here single work…there team work

These separations track us every day in our ordinary life. Sometimes it gets to a point where students are not able to recognise an issue they have learned in another subject.

Who wanted this? Certainly noone! Neither teachers, nor parents, students, the curriculum nor the “economy”.

Beside knowledge, students are taught the ability to work in a team, in independent planning, organisation, self-initiative, individual processing and realization of contexts.

With the project education there is a chance to overcome this gap.

So there is a possibility to enhance the work that is directly related to school and some extracurricular learning tasks.

Working in a team manifests the special useful preparation for a vocational situation which also includes communication abilities. The criticism of colleagues by solving a problem and power-up diagnosis is very important to the learning success.

What does the project management improve?

  1. learning processes in a group, teamwork

  2. responsibility of the students for themselves and for the matter in hand

  3. work-planning and determination of the working methods through the students

  4. Recognition of interdisciplinary contexts, the complexity of real problems and the development of approaches

  5. social learning process and the communication ability in a variety of forms

  6. discovering learning under the special consideration of the principles of the self-activity of the students

  7. the accomplishment of overcoming conflicts